Deborah J Roberts 
Quilt & Textile Appraiser, certified by AQS

About Appraisals

Why do you may need an appraisal

  • To establish a quilt's replacement value for insurance purposes.
  • To purchase a "Fine Arts Floater"
  • To determine value for donation, gift or estate purposes
  • To provide to a show that requires insurance or an appraisal
  • Protection during shipping
  • A thoughtful addition to a quilt given as a gift

When considering your need for an appraisal,  remember that in addition to the damage your quilt or garment may sustain under normal circumstances, these items have become the targes of theft and also victims of disasters such as flood and fire.  Many quilts and garments have also disappeared while being shipped to shows across the country.  Most quilt and wearable art show organizers, gallery owners and shippers are now requiring appraisals for items they display so their insurance requirements will be met. If you are a quilt owner, maker or dealer, one thing you should do is seek an appraisal from a qualified quilt appraiser.

There are three basic types of appraisals:

  • Insurance Appraisals:  The most common appraisal, this appraisal determines what the replacement value of your item.  In other words, how much money it would cost you to replace your damaged or lost quilt with one of like and kind.  Depending on the type of quilt, this can be a 'replacement  cost' appraisal' or a 'cost to reconstruct' appraisal.
  • Market Value Appraisal:  This appraisal determines what the piece my ght bring on an open retail market when the value is arrived upon between a willing buyer and a willing seller, both with knowledge of the item being assessed.  An AQS certified appraiser is current with the market in both antique and newly made quilts.  A Market Value appraisal is an opinion and not a guarantee of a sales price.
  • Tax Donation or Estate Appraisal:  This appraisal is for a client who wants to donate a piece for any reason to any type of organization or place or to establish value for an estate/family, often after a death or during divorce proceedings.  There are IRS rules governing donation appraisals that must be adhered to in order for the client to successfully claim the donation when given to a non-profit entity.Type your paragraph here.