Meet Deborah Roberts

An avid quilt collector, historian and maker, Deborah (Deb) Roberts has been appraising quilts for over 25 years and specializes in the appraisal of antique, modern/contemporary and innovative art quilts as well as other textiles. Certified as an appraiser of quilted textiles by the American Quilters Society in 1996, she has appraised for corporations, museums and private collectors throughout the world. Deb offers written appraisals for insurance, market and donation/estate purposes and is available to travel to any area. In addition to appraisal services, Deborah teaches, judges and serves as a consultant to professional quilters in assessing their work for value enhancement. 

Personal Statement

"Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a quilt owner/maker to have a loss of, or damage to a quilt.  When this occurs, it amazes me that these wonderful creations, whether old family heirlooms, innovative art or beautifully quilted garments are not covered by insurance.  Losses occur even under simple circumstances and rarely is there a way to recover from the loss unless the piece is insured.  Even in the best of situations, insurance companies today settle for the cost of materials only, unless the value can be substantiated with a written appraisal by a qualified professional appraiser."

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Deborah J Roberts 
Quilt & Textile Appraiser, certified by AQS